February 2nd, 2012

x-men first class

Fic: In Accord, Part One - On the run (X-Men: First Class, R, WIP)

title: In Accord, Part One - On the run
author: ilovetakahana
word count: approx. 2150 in this installment
fandom: X-Men: First Class [movieverse]
characters: Charles Xavier, Erik Lehnsherr
rating: R [may go up in later chapters]
notes: It all started with this, which led to this [which forms the second part of this first chapter], and then there was this. So yes. I thought I was done with swords-and-sorcery fantasy stuff after my X-Men Big Bang [Crucible], but this is a story that's got its hooks in me and I think it's going to take me to all kinds of interesting and amazing and dark places. These are not the Charles and Erik you think you know.
Work in Progress. Please heed the rating.


[Fic] A Conspiracy of Ravens [Charles/Erik, Raven/Irene, PG-13] (1/4)

Title: A Conspiracy of Ravens
Pairing: Charles/Erik, Raven/Irene, others to be advised
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Charles Francis Essex made an excellent courtier. As the son of Nathaniel Essex, a land-less diplomat, he had little to his name that he had not procured by his own devices, and luckily for him those devices were considerable.

When Princess Raven of Symkaria travels to Genosha to fulfil her marriage contract with its Crown Prince, she finds himself caught up in the storm brewing between Prince Erik and Sebastian Shaw, the Regent of the realm. She can only be thankful that her trusted advisor and friend Charles is with her; but as she's about to discover, he's got his own agenda. A modern day royalty AU.

( The official histories drafted during the reign of the House of Marko recount the events leading up to the rule of Kurt III thus... )
[x men] Charles and Erik na trawce

Need help with Polish? Here I am!

I saw a simmilar post recently, so I thought I might as well write mine, seeing as I was intending to do so for quite some time.

I am offering any help I can give with everything Polish. I live in Poland, am a native speeker, and so can help you with any phrases, sentences etc. I can help you with certain trivia, give you actual Polish names, recipes, places etc. I can help with some info about WWII and such, but I ask that you try and do some reserch via Wikipedia, since I am not a History major :)

Often have I stumbled uppon things in fics, that were just... WRONG. And while most people wouldn't notice, I did, since it concerned my country and language, and often it spoiled a fic for me, because I focused on how inacurate it was. (This goes to everything really, not just stuff concerning my country)

So, no matter how small or big, feel free to write me and ask any questions you might need. Be it a common name for a girl, or what cars people had during the WWII period :) I don't need any recognition, you don't need to credit me if you don't want to. This is just to improve all the fics, and we all gain from it :) Don't be shy! Ask away!

I respond to LJ messages or emails: female.shinigami@gmail.com

MODS: I tagged it as betareaders, because it's quite simmilar, I think :) Feel free to change accordingly.
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fic: Ten Times and the Telephone Lines (3/10)-Jean, Dear

Drabble Title: Jean Dear
Author: Alernun
Rating: G
Summary: speak_me_fair: Feed me crack, Darling! Me: Okie dokie!
...Jean senses Charles is stressed and tries to make him his favorite food, but she gets a bit in over her head. Luckily, she's memorized a certain top-secret phone number. 
Warnings: So cute you're going to vomit. 

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