January 22nd, 2012

X-Men FC: We Met At The Park

We Met At The Park - chapter 19

Title: We Met At The Park (chapter 19/20, this chapter 8562 words) 
Fandom: X-Men: First Class 
Pairing: Erik/Charles 
Rating: NC-17  
Genre: Romance/Drama/Fluff/HurtComfort/Angst (but with a happy ending), basically pretty much everything in one fic. 

Summary: AU, no powers. Unable to sleep one night Erik takes a midnight walk in the local park. He finds himself being followed and propositioned by a rent boy named Charles, and begins to fall rather rapidly for his charms. Charles however has never known what love is, and doesn't recognise it even when it's staring at him in the face. As for Erik, he doesn't realise a creeping illness is slowly affecting Charles, and his dark past is something he couldn't have imagined. 

Notes:  Inspiration taken entirely from James McAvoys character of Martin in the first 10 minutes of the first episode of Murder in Mind, where if you haven’t seen that he plays a rent boy who gets murdered (watch it here on youtube). The first couple of chapters follow the same sort of situation and dialogue, but doesn’t end with either Charles or Erik dead lol Plus added bits I've done my own, then it goes off in an entirely different direction.

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Note:  Chapter split again.

Read it here on starrose_fanfic.

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Drabble Series: Ten Times and the Telephone Lines (1/10)

Title: Ten Times and the Telephone Lines 
Author: Alernun
Rating: G to NC-17 
Summary: Pretty much what the title says. Ten dialogue-only telephone conversations between Erik and Charles in loose chronological order. I'm trying break away from the usual drabble topics and strive for original situations/aspects of canon not usually explored. (I am also open to prompts, challenges, and suggestions!) This first one is entitled "Cerebro." 
Warnings: None yet 

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