January 19th, 2012

Help find a fic?

I am new to both this community and the pairing, but have spent the last two weeks reading a ton of fanfiction. I found one that I enjoyed, but sadly forgot to archieve it and now can't find it. Now, I beseech all of you who are smart enough to remember the stories you read if you remember this one.

Erik, during a recruitment trip for the Brotherhood offends a mutant with the power of transformation. As punishment, she turns him into a kitten. He is found by a human Charles who takes him back home. Erik tells Charles his name with Charle's newspaper and begins to fall in love with him. Charles read his a ton of stories that belonged to a RX. When Erik finds out that RX is Mystique, he remembers her begging him to spare her human brother in the up coming war. Needless to say, Erik gets turned back into his former self, has fallen in love with Charles, and realizes not all human are scum.

Sound familiar to anyone?

Thanks for all your help!
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new fic: have it all

Hullo, lovelies! I am still around, I promise. Just busy with start of term. Here, have some h/c fluff, with sick!Charles and caretaker!Erik.

Title: Have It All

Rating: G

Word Count: 1,331
Summary: road-trip fic in which Charles is a terrible sick person, Erik is a terrible nurse, and someone says I love you for the first time.
Disclaimers: characters belong to Marvel, not me! Title and opening lines from The Foo Fighters’ “Have It All.”
Notes: initially written—in one draft, in my chilly apartment, yesterday afternoon—as comment!fic for penguingal, who deserves nice things always.

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red riding hood

fic: Go Ask Alice (6/?)

Title: Go Ask Alice
Author: punahukka
Fandom: X-Men (First Class): Girl, Interrupted/Sucker Punch AU (featuring an ensemble of other Marvel characters)
Disclaimer: Playing with Marvel’s toys in Susanna Kaysen’s, James Mangold’s and Zack Snyder’s sandboxes. Any other pieces of work you may recognize don't most likely belong to me either.
Rating: Nc-17
Pairing: Charles/Erik (+ Charles/Tony Stark, Charles/Loki, Charles/Moira, Loki/Mystique, Logan/Jean, others)
Warnings: mental illnesses, mentions of child-abuse and suicide (attempted and committed), language, sex, violence, alcohol and drug abuse, some cross-dressing, era-specific homophobia and racism, screwed timelines

Summary: Have you ever met anyone you know from another life or timeline than this?
A mental institution AU for this prompt @ xmen_firstkink.

Chapter 6 (It takes Charles a moment to process the connection between Logan and “James Howlett”.)

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5
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[fanfic] Either without you or with you (1/7)

Title: Either without you or with you
Author: squenun
Rating: M
Gender: romance, drama, angst
Summary: Erik returns submissively and he just wants to be with Charles. They believe in a possible coexistence as before, but only them, nobody else does.
Random note: hi, guys, I'm new here so I'm a bit nervous. The idea for this came to me when I had a fluffy dream in which Erik stroked Charles's cheek. I hope you like it.