January 15th, 2012

(FIC) I'll Follow Your Voice, All You Have to Do Is Shout It Out 6/10

Title: I'll Follow Your Voice, All You Have To Do Is Shout It Out 6/10
Author: Velocity_Girl (aka
Verse: X Men First Class
Pairing: Erik/Charles
Status: Fix-it, canonic divergence, established friendship, broken! Erik, Bruised! Charles, eventual happy-ending.
Rating: M
Word Count: 2,846
Genre: AU, Drama, Angst, Friendship, Eventual Romance.Past Trauma, Departures and sex between consenting adults.
Disclaimer: I don't own the X-men or the song quoted, which is by Placebo. I do own a stack of comic books and hockey posters, tho.
Raven and Charles have their first real discussion as adults and Moira finally stops hiding from Sean and comes clean to not really unpleasant or unexpected results.
AN: This chapter was long in the making and it wasn't until I was listening to Placebo's "36 Degrees" that the idea finally came through. It's a bit of a bittersweet chapter and again, I do apologize for the delay, which was caused by writer's block and frenetic business in my own life.

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Fassbender kiss

Imaginary 4/6

Title: Imaginary
Author: poor_medea
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: This chapter: 4,600
Characters: Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier, Sean Cassidy, Alex Summers, Angel Salvadore
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters.
Erik is five when he first sees Charles.

It’s days later when he realizes he’s the only one who can see Charles.

The kids at school tease him for being a baby, and his foster parents think he’s crazy. But Erik doesn’t care if Charles is imaginary—he’s his only friend.

But as they get older, Erik has more to worry about than whether or not Charles is real.

Chapter Four: Age Thirteen
Up! is love

[fic] Regurgitating Refracted Light 1/1

Title: Regurgitating Refracted Light
Rating: 14
Genre: adorable
Pairings: Erik/Charles, minor Alex/Hank
Wordcount: 5k
Warnings: crazy teenage logic
Summary: In Alex’s defense, Erik’s shark impressions were spot on. He has no one but himself to blame for the misunderstanding. Human AU.

Author’s Note: continuation of Playing Havoc and Skidding Down the Sliding Scale, in which Alex's evil shark of a father sets his sights on harvesting the soul of the innocent biology teacher, Mr. Xavier. Except, as it turns out, not.

Betaed by yami_tai. <3

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