January 7th, 2012

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Greetings from wherever-the-hell-Smitty-is-this-week! (*peers out of window* Port Dickson, apparently)

Yes, it's time for the first Friday Chat of 2012, so why not come along and see who's recovered from New Year? Your host may be somewhat intermittent owing to it being sparrowfart-o'clock here in Malaysia but I'll do what I can.... :)

~ Chat ~

The chatroom is up all the time, btw, not just Friday night – we often have quite a good little group going on Saturday mornings, UK time. :) Come along and say hi!

(in fact, definitely say hi if you do come along – the sound notifications don't let us know if someone has just quietly snuck in. We're not ignoring you, we may just not know that you're there!)
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Fic: Stricher-Sequel (1/?)

I'm back from the holidays with the promised first part to the Stricher fic.
I feel that I have to warn you all, that this is going to be a slow going thing.

Also, it is called the 'Stricher-Sequel', because I haven't managed to come up with a better title.

Title: Stricher-Sequel (1/?)
Author: [info]cylin
Rating: Ev. NC-17
Pairing: Charles/Erik
Summary: In life and even in a big city like Berlin, you always meet twice.
Sequel to 'Stricher' (You'd need to read it first for this to make sense).

Stricher-Sequel (1/?) )

ryan ross

fic: 'tis a far far better thing doing stuff for other people - clueless au

Title: 'tis a far far better thing doing stuff for other people
Pairing: Erik/Charles, background Moira/Sean, Darwin/Alex, Raven/Hank & others
Word Count: 26630
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Charles is 17, and wildly insensitive throughout most of this story
Summary: The X-Men: First Class Clueless AU that you didn't know you always wanted. Charles is a spoiled Beverly Hills telepath, Erik is his pretentious ex-step-brother, Emma is is best friend because they both know what it feels like for people to be jealous of them, etc.
Notes: Apologies for the rather arbitrary aging-up and de-aging. This hasn't been beta'd, so please comment if you catch something!

So, okay.

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Fic: Kleider Machen Leute (3/?)

Title: Kleider Machen Leute (3/?)
Author: [info]cylin
Rating: Ev. NC-17
Pairing: Charles/Erik
Summary: Fill of a 1stclass-meme prompt: In which Charles has *definite* ideas about what is homosexual what is not. He's had schoolboy fumblings (all boy school), he's had the intense friendships (all men colleges), he's even gone for sodomy (purely intellectual exploration, you understand), but he would never play the "boy". After all, he does enjoy women.
Then comes Erik, who's known nothing but pain and revenge for most of his life. He passed his adolescence under Shaw. He knows he's powerful. He can speak many language and how to kill a man a thousand ways, but his fantasies have always been of violence. He's a virgin with severe intimacy issues. After all, the people who like to touch him all-over were the scientists, only most of them clinical.
He's in love with Charles. He would do anything. And Charles- Well, Erik is nothing like he expected. But what Charles wants, he gets. Still, it is so much easier to convince himself if Erik could dress up as a woman..wear a dress. It is unexpectedly hot anyways.
(Prompted because Charles' imagination of Erik as a woman is too accurate and his comment of "beautiful" and "darling" too reassuredly taken..).

Warnings: internalized homophobia, feminisation, angst

Kleider Machen Leute (3/?) )

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Fic: Heller als Tausend Sonnen (1/2)

This is actually the first xmfc fanfic I ever wrote. I just haven't finished it yet (although all the planning is done and I know exactly where this will go)

Title: Heller als Tausend Sonnen (1/2)
Author: [info]cylin
Pairing: Charles/Erik
Rating: NC-17
Summary: The title translates to 'Brighter Than A Thousand Suns'.
Erik has a tin box no bigger than a shoe box with all that he holds dear and simultaneously hates with a passion.
He keeps his passport in there, the coin, his knife, which he brought back from Argentina, his gun, a piece of blue and white striped fabric wrapped around a lock of hair – Magda, he thinks and his heart aches – and on the bottom, underneath a much thumbed postcard of Lady Liberty, tucked away from prying eyes and fingers, lies a yellow star with a pink triangle sewn over it.

Warnings: intentional use of derogatory terms, violence, internalised homophobia, self-loathing, hurt/comfort/hurt (my special way), German language

Heller Als Tausend Sonnen (1/2) )


Drabble: Silence

I come bearing my first X-Men Drabble! :D 

Title: Silence
Pairing: Erik/Charles
Rating: R for curse words, and mentioning of sex. 
Authors Note: This is my first X-Men drabble. I was told it was worth posting. XD This was inspired by a rp I am currently wriitng with just_heidi . There isn't much you need to know about, only that woman mentioned Elaine is Erik's wife. Have fun!

Charles couldn't sleep...
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Don't Bother With Alice

Title: Don't Bother With Alice 
Characters/Pairings: Erik/Charles, Very, very brief Charles/OC 
Rating: PG-13 for drug use, implied sex, language 
Length: 2,075
Summary: "I want to go out. Erik, I want to go out. But I’m…wondering if you’d like to go with me. To where I’d want to go." 
Christopher Street, The Boys, and The 60's. Possible canon goodness. Enjoy. 

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