January 3rd, 2012

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Erik Talks To People - a transcript

A few months ago, I was having a discussion with a friend about Erik's feelings wrt Moira in XMFC (bc he's not too fond of her in 616). Does he respect her, does he put up with her because Charles likes her, does he think she's less awful than most flatscaners, etc.

But it's almost impossible to tell what Erik thinks of any character in XMFC other than Charles and Shaw on a personal level without making a lot of things up, because he talks so little to anyone else. So little that we could actually transcribe it.

I mean, he only holds actual, honest to god conversations with six people. Two of those are nazis he kills in a bar, another is a banker with whom he plays dentist.

So if you take out his interactions with the two central figures of his life in XMFC AND the nameless dudes he's threatening/killing, you have -

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I doubt this will be useful to anyone, but I had it typed up already, so here 'tis!

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Erik about to have one of his most productive conversations in the movie thanks you for your time!

Also! I highly recommend THIS SITE for high quality screencaps.

[fic] looks better on you - r - charles/erik

Title: Looks Better on You
Author: pocky_slash
Characters: Charles/Erik
Rating: Hard R for vague sexytimes
Length: ~1700
Summary: Charles seeks comfort in Erik's clothes after submitting his thesis. Erik helps him unwind, but not undress.

Notes: Written with this picture of McAvoy in mind. This is... some sort of AU where Charles is finishing up his PhD and Erik's got a grownup job of some sort.

When Erik comes home, the flat is eerily silent...
parenting conference

new fic: all the ever wanting

Hello, lovelies! I am still around, I swear, I've just been terribly busy...er, getting married and going on my honeymoon and so on. But I am back now. And I bring you new fic. *hugs*

Title: All The Ever Wanting       
Rating: PG-13 (really just for implied sex). Fluff. I-love-you moments and ugly scarves and sunshine-covered mornings.
Word Count: 2,442
Disclaimers: characters belong to Marvel, not me; only doing this out of love. Title from the Foo Fighters’ “This Is A Call,” because I like it despite having no clue what the heck the lyrics actually mean (if you do, please share!), and it’s an odd random song for what’s really an odd random fic.
Notes: It’s a new year, so of course we need holiday-appropriate stories, so I…wrote St. Patrick’s Day fic. Obviously.

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Fic: Of Nightmares And New Hope

Title: Of nightmares and new hope
Author: linkinsync182
Pairing: Charles Xavier/ Erik Lehnsherr 
Rating: PG 13
Word Count: 1476
Disclaimer: Sadly I do not own either of these fellows or anything attached to them
Summary: Erik awakes from a terrible nightmare and reaches out for the only man who can pull him back from the edge of oblivion - Charles Xavier
Authors Note: 
Anyone is welcome to add onto this! I got tired and couldn't write any further ^^; I hope I do these two justice! Feedback is most welcome :)

"Charles," Erik calls softly into the night, and knows his voice will beckon his friend from slumber.