January 1st, 2012

2011 Top 10 Charles/Erik fic

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So instead of trying to improve myself for 2012 I decided to do something very special and very fannish for the pretty new X-Men: First Class fandom, and I made a rec list. This has done small rounds on tumblr, so some of you may be familiar with it, but I was pretty proud of my choices. This was a top 10 that kind of ended up a top 23, since there were 13 honourable mentions.

If you want to see the rec list there are two links you can go to. The first one is the link on tumblr, which is here. The other one is on my DW account over here. The DW account leads to tumblr as well, but I've decided to post up the link because if you like my recs, I'm using that DW account as a rec list, and if you guys want to see more, you guys are more than welcome to follow both the DW and the twitter account I've set up to rec fic with.